Sunday, April 15, 2012

Reflection on Lesson

Dorothy and I prepared for this lesson about a week prior to teaching. We discussed behavior plans, activities, and execution of the lesson, but it wasn’t until Tuesday, April 3rd that we did a complete run through of our lesson. We stayed behind after class to make sure that all the technological devices worked well. After each of our classmates lessons’, we briefly spoke about what we would do in that situation as well as what to do to prevent certain behaviors.
1.            Students will be able to recall five different animals from the book.
2.            Students will be able to identify the baby animals of a dog, cow, cat, bird, and pig.
      The objectives stem from the book our lesson was based on: “Are You My Mother.” The objectives, with the exception of a pig, refer to the animals that baby bird encountered.  The goal was to have the students recognize that babies resemble their parents and that there are distinct names for baby animals. We would assess the students’ knowledge and comprehension of the objectives by asking them name the animals from the book, have them match the baby animal with its mother, and by completing the homework assignment which includes identifying  the baby animals of a dog, cow, cat, bird, and pig by form of picture and words.
No, I do not think that our lesson plan execution went exactly as written. I say this because we didn’t get to complete the lesson. If it weren’t for this repetitive, disrupting behavior I believe we would be been able to complete the lesson. Other than having for stop to gather control of the classroom, I believe that we did not deviate from the lesson plan.
The most important thing that we tried to teach our students was that baby animals look like their mother/father.  We also tried to teach our students the correct name for certain baby animals. Dog-à puppy, cat-à kitten, henà chick
I think the lesson went well.   I have to admit that I was a little overwhelmed, but I’m happy that I did not lose my cool. The class did get a little rowdy, but overall, in my opinion, the lesson wasn’t a failure.
I learned that you can’t turn your back on your students especially if that trust level in your classroom is not present.
I would’ve been a little stricter with discipline in the classroom and I would incorporate no recess as part of the behavior plan.
Perhaps if we had another interactive activity for the students to do, the lesson could’ve been more effective.
I would improve the behavior plan and stick to it. Overall, I believe our lesson went well and I think we did a great job of incorporating different aspects of relaying information to the students which appealed to different learners. (visual, kinesthetic, music, linguistic, and spatial)


  1. Ariel I really liked yours and Dorothy's lesson. I enjoyed how you used your glog. I really have to commend you and Dorothy because I think the class behaved terribly when the both of you were teaching. You controlled the behavior well. I also like the use of sticks in order to make it fair who got to go. All in all greay job Ariel

  2. I loved your lesson!! I love how the students were able to get involved asking the question "Are you my mother?". I was so into the book. I thought you did a well enough job with the behaviors. Some of the behaviors were outrageous but you took charge with a firm voice(not loud, but firm) and everyone listened! Good Job!