Monday, January 7, 2013

Parts of an Eye- Cow Eye Dissection/ Cleaning Pennies

Assignment for Teaching Science course: This is a picture of a cow eye. My partner and I chose to teach a mini-lesson on the parts of an eye. Instead of making a model, we used cow eyes to show the class exactly how the parts look as well as their exact position and function in the eye. As you can see, the cornea is cloudy because the animal is deceased.

This is my final experiment/project: Cleaning Pennies for my Teaching Science course. I chose to see what household items could be used to clean pennies. I did not choose any hazardous materials. I used ketchup, mayonnaise, and baking soda to clean my pennies. The results of my experiment are as follows:
* ketchup acts as a safe, super-cleaning penny agent

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